Erie Canal H.O.G.® Pre-Picnic Poker Run 2018

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This run consists of approximately 70 miles of mixed highway and local roads, with stops in Middleville, Salisbury Center, and Herkimer to draw cards for your poker hand, or just rest for a few minutes. The stop in Salisbury Center is at the historic old Covered Bridge, the only existing one in Herkimer County. The parking area is paved and there are picnic benches available. The ride starts and ends at Harley-Davidson® of Utica.

MAP SEGMENT #1 - Utica H-D® to Route 5S Dyke Road Exit

Turn RIGHT from UHD on Route 5A to Oriskany Blvd. Follow Oriskany Blvd. across Genessee St. to Route 5S. Follow Route 5S and take the Dyke Road Exit, then turn LEFT onto Dyke Road.

MAP SEGMENT #2A - Dyke Road to Salisbury Center

Follow Dyke Road across Route 5 and Cosby Manor road to Newport Road. Continue on Newport Road as it becomes Butler Road, then Summit Road, then Summit Street in Middleville. in Middleville bare LEFT onto Route 28 North.

MAP SEGMENT #2B - Poker Hand Draw at Stewarts Shops, Middleville

After turning onto Route 28 North, cross over West Canada Creek and enter the Stewarts Shops parking lot on the LEFT for a rest and poker hand draw. Exit the parking lot turning LEFT and go straight through the intersection onto Route 29. Continue on Route 29 (the Southern Adirondack Trail) through Fairfield, then Salilsbury, and finally to Salisbury Center.

MAP SEGMENT #3 - Salisbury Center to the Old Covered Bridge & Poker Hand Draw

In Salisbury Center bare RIGHT and after about 100 feet turn RIGHT onto Fairview Road (There are signs for the Covered Bridge). Follow it the short distance to the Covered Bridge. There are paved parking areas on each side of the bridge, and a wooded area with picnic tables.

MAP SEGMENT #4 - Salisbury Center Covered Bridge to Thompson Road

After the rest & poker hand drawings, continue on Fairview Road to where it "T's" with Shedd Road. Turn RIGHT onto Shedd Road and follow it to the intersection of Military Road. Turn RIGHT onto Military road and after about 1000 feet turn LEFT onto Thompson Road.

MAP SEGMENT #5 - Thompson Road to Little Falls

After about 2 miles turn LEFT onto Route 170A South, which runs into Route 170. Turn LEFT onto Route 170 South towards Little Falls.

MAP SEGMENT #6 - Route 170 South (Little Falls) to Route 5 West

In Little Falls follow Route 170 South to Salisbury Street, and turn LEFT onto Salisbury Street (very steep!). (note: This is a 1-street-over departure from the map.) Salisbury Street runs into Route 169, and turn RIGHT onto Route 169 (Main St.) Stay on Main Street as it merges into Route 5 West and contine to Herkimer.

MAP SEGMENT #7 - Herkimer Poker Hand Draw

In Herkimer, on the corner of Route 28N is Bassett Healthcare on the RIGHT. Pull into their parking lot for a rest and Poker Hand Draw. When done, turn RIGHT onto Route 5 West.

MAP SEGMENT #8 - Route 5 West to West Schuyler & Beyond

Continue on Route 5 West to North Utica.

MAP SEGMENT #9 - Route 5 West to River Road in Marcy

Continue as Route 5 West becomes Herkimer Road, then Riverside Drive, then River Road in Marcy.

MAP SEGMENT #10 - River Road to Utica H-D®

In Marcy turn LEFT onto Mohawk Street. Continue on Mohawk Street across Route 69 in Whitesboro as it becomes Clinton Street. Follow Clinton Street up over the hill to Henderson Street. Turn LEFT onto Henderson Street and follow it across Route 5A to the back of the Cliff's Market. Turn LEFT to the back entrance to Utica H-D®. Draw the last poker card - read'em and weep!

Harley-Davidson® of Utica
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