Contributed Tech Stuff - Wireless Bike-to-Bike Communications while Controlling the 2014 & up Boom!™
(4.3, 6.5GT, & GTS) Infotainment System via Wired connection.

Contributed by F. Robert Falbo

Disclaimer: Information and ideas contained in this section are solely those of the contributor(s) and not those of Harley-Davidson®, Harley-Davidson® of Uica, H.O.G.®, or the Erie Canal H.O.G.® Chapter.

Intro: This section is another addendum to the previous articles I wrote. It addresses those people that already have a SENA 20S/30K, or H-D 20S wireless bluetooth headset and want to control their Boom! (4.3, 6.5GT, or GTS) Infotainment System, but don't want to buy a WHIM or a Freewire. This route results in a hybrid system where you can talk to other riders wirelessly via your bluetooth headset but will be tethered to your bike via a cable for controlling the Boom! System and a CB (if installed).

What you'll need: The first thing you'll need is a way to interface to the Boom! system. This is done via the "Boom! Audio Music & Communications Kit", which is just a fancy name for an adapter cable that plugs into the fairing wireing harness and ends in a 7-pin DIN connector. Bikes that came with a CB radio already have one of these installed in the center of the console. You can add this adapter to any bike that has the 2014-up Boom! System simply by buying the kit and installing it. (There are YouTube videos showing how to do it.) You end up with the 7-pin DIN plug on the tank, just in front of the seat. (Some people have mounted the DIN connector in the fairing, and some have mounted it on the center console just below the Street or Road Glide name.)

What to buy: SENA makes the part you'll need. It's called the "20S Helmet Clamp Kit for CB/Audio of Harley-Davidson." Yeah, that's a mouthfull! The kit consists of a new SENA 20S/30K clamp assembly thats been modified to accept a coiled cord that ends in a 7-pin connector that fits the previously mentioned 7-pin H-D connector. (It also fits the H-D 20S headset since it's also made by SENA.)

What you get: This hybrid system allows you to now control the Boom! System via voice commands, use the CB radio (if installed), and even use your phone (if you already have it bluetooth paired with the Boom! System - ALL IN STEREO! Yes, because you are wired into the Boom! System, you'll get Stereo Audio in your SENA headset. Needing to be plugged-into the bike is a drawback, but if you don't want to spend the bucks on the WHIM or Freewire, and still want Boom! control and wireless bluetooth bike-2-bike communications, it's the cheapest way.

Click on a picture to view it full size.

Here's where I mounted the
7-pin DIN connector.
The cap is spring loaded and
sealed against the weather.
Here are the contents of
the SENA 20S Clamp Kit.


69200865 $69.95 Adds a wired 7-pin DIN plug to
bikes that didn't come from
the Factory with one installed.
20S-A0203 $129.00 Connects to the installed H-D
Audio Music & Comm Kit's
7-pin DIN plug. (#69200865)

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