Contributed Tech Stuff - Fangs for your Bike

Contributed by F. Robert Falbo

Disclaimer: Information and ideas contained in this section are solely those of the contributor(s) and not those of Harley-Davidson®, Harley-Davidson® of Uica, H.O.G.®, or the Erie Canal H.O.G.® Chapter.

Right now you're probably scratching your head and wondering what I'm talking about. Fangs are a nickname that's been given to Fork-Mount Wind Deflectors.

So... Why would you need a set of Fangs? If you have a fairing (or a windshield) and use a 1/2-helmet or 3/4 helmet you might have noticed a certain amount of buffetting. That's caused by air rushing around the fairing (or windshield) to fill the low pressure area created by the fairing - most noticably from below. If you're wondering if you need fangs, do this while you're riding - move your left hand across your chest to see if you can feel air rushing upwards. If you do, then fangs might be your solution. They break up the airflow under the fairing just enough to reduce that upward rush of air.

If you've checked, and decided you could use a set, Harley sells two different sets of Fork-Mount Wind Deflectors... each one fits different model Harleys...

...Also, pay attention to the mention of items they don't fit. I found this out the hard way. I had already mounted a set of Fangs on my '17 SGS, and wanted a set of Auxillary Lights. Harley's catalogs didn't mention a problem with having both, but when I tried installing the lights I found that they wanted to occupy the same space! It appears that Harley only checked that their Fangs worked with Factory Installed Auxillary lights (The type that are mounted on a bar that goes under the headlight.) My solution to this was to have a set of Fangs modified to clear the Aux. Light Kit. The modified Fangs don't work quite as good as the full originals, but enough to keep me happy.

Here is a set of original Fangs mounted on my '17 SGS with
the original turn signals.
And here are the modified and powder-coated Fangs with the
Auxillary Light Kit.

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