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Contributed by F. Robert Falbo

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Lots of our "stuff" now runs on 5 volts, and charges via a USB cable - phones, GPS's, cameras, etc. While some bikes with fairings come with a USB port for connecting to the infotainment system, they're really not meant for charging external items. Yes, you can use a converter that plugs into the 12 volt lighter outlet if your bike has one but that's just another item you'll probably forget to take with you when you need it. Maybe it'd be better to install a weatherproof USB outlet that's available anytime you need it.

Here's one solution to adding a USB Charging Outlet to your bike. It's a waterproof dual USB Port Charger outlet. I'm sure there are many other USB ports made by others, but this is the one I choose for my bike. It costs $9.97 through Walmart online with free shipping.

Cover open view. It's illuminated! Cover closed.

Back view. What's included. The screw plate is removable.
Mounted on a Sreet Glide. With the weatherproof cap open. Connected to the wiring harness.
On in ACC & IGN mode only.

A few considerations - It requires about a 1-1/8" hole, and space behind for clearence. On my bike I have both the CB and WHiM modules installed, so I had to remount the WHIM to give the USB clearence in back. It's best to find a source of 12 volts that shuts off when you shut off the bike, otherwise the converter circuits in this item will be draining your battery all the time. (tapping into the lighter circuit would be a good choice.) Another choice is the spare connector coming from the voltmeter - it's on in Accessory and Ignition modes. Another choice is a spare connector on the left side of the fairing - but it's hot only when the ignition is on. I went with the connector by the voltmeter. I added a splitter harness and an OEM Deutsch connector available from Harley - so I still have a spare connector.

Parts is Parts

(UNKNOWN) 3.1A Dual USB Port Charger
Socket Outlet Waterproof 12V LED
(UNKNOWN) $9.97 ea. Available through Walmart online.
(See the link above.)
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Fairing Power Extension Harness 69200921 $9.95 ea. The optional power splitter.
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Socket Housing, 2-Way 72912-01BK $4.68 pr. Allows you to plug into the OEM
power conectors.
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Terminal, Socket, #18AWG 69201240 $1.84 ea. You need 2 for each Housing.

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